Fast & Effective Water Mitigation in Raleigh NC

Unexpected water damage can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare, leaving you feeling overwhelmed or not knowing what to do next. At Cardinal Reconstruction we are always ready to provide a fast response and effective water mitigation services in Raleigh NC. Water Damage Mitigation, the critical first step in the restoration process, focuses on preventing further damage to your property. Our rapid-response teams are on standby to assess the situation and commence mitigation efforts swiftly, ensuring minimal impact and laying the groundwork for recovery. Our teams use start of the art water drying equipment and we are IICRC certified, which means that we are up to date on the latest industry standards; so you can rest assured that we’re ready to tackle any water damage in Raleigh. If you have water damage, talk to the company that can provide you with effective water mitigation in Raleigh, Cardinal Reconstruction, and take the first step of getting back to life as normal.

Our Raleigh Water Mitigation Process

When water damage does occur in your home or business, Cardinal Reconstruction will begin the mitigation process as quickly as possible. Water mitigation in Raleigh usually consists of 3 distinct actions:

  1. Preventing Additional Water Damage: Identifying and halting the source of water intrusion is paramount. Whether it’s a leaky roof, burst pipe, or floodwater, promptly addressing the cause prevents additional water from compounding the problem.
  2. Containing the Water Damage: After stopping the water’s source, the next step is to contain the spread of damage. This may involve water extraction, deploying barriers, and other strategies to keep the damage from affecting more areas of your property.
  3. Remediating the Initial Damage: The final step in mitigation focuses on beginning the cleanup of the affected areas. This includes removing water-soaked materials, drying out wet areas, and preparing for the restoration phase to fully repair and refurbish the impacted spaces. This part of the mitigation process ends when the moisture levels in your property have returned to normal.

If your property has been impacted by water damage, give us a call at 919-425-8066 and our team can be on site within as little as an hour to assess the situation and start mitigating the water damage. Remember that with water damage, every second counts.


How Long Does Water Mitigation Take?

When facing water damage in Raleigh, one of the most pressing questions for property owners is, “How long will the mitigation process take?” At Cardinal Reconstruction, we understand the urgency of returning your home or business to normal as quickly as possible. The duration of the water mitigation process can vary from a few days, but can extend for weeks. It all depends on several factors, including: The extent of the water damage, the severity of the water damage, the type of water(blackwater, greywater, etc), the materials & rooms impacted, and the environmental conditions (such as humidity and temperature). When we assess the damage initially, we will determine a scope of work for the project, and we will let you know how long we think things should take given your situation. We’ll also communicate with you through the mitigation and dry out process so you’ll always know the status of your project.