Your Source For Professional Fire Damage Repair in Wake Forest

If your property has been damaged by a fire, Cardinal Reconstruction Company is the team you can count on to provide superior fire damage services in Wake Forest NC. We are IICRC certified and have the training and experience you want to help you recover after a fire. When you give us a call for fire damage repair in Wake Forest our team will provide you with:

  • A Fast Response 24/7: We know how important it is to get to work quickly after a fire, which is why we are on call 24/7 to deploy.
  • Initial Safety Inspection: Before starting any project, we need to determine if the area is safe to work on, we’ll also let you know if your property is safe to stay in.
  • Fire Damage Restoration Assessment: Once we’re sure the area is safe, we will assess the damage and determine the best path forward to restore your home. We will provide a free estimate for your project.

Our Smoke & Fire Damage Restoration Process in Wake Forest NC

Every fire is different, but the overall process for fire damage restoration in Wake Forest is similar. After the initial inspection & assessment, should you choose to utilize our services we begin by boarding up and tarping your property to keep it protected from further damage. Next, if there is water damage (from putting the blaze out) we will make sure to remove any water and dry the area out. Once everything is dry, our team will remove smoke and soot from the surfaces, with the intent of preventing additional damage and getting rid of any lingering odors. Finally we will thoroughly clean and sanitize the area, making sure that your items are in the condition they were in before the fire occurred.

Wake Forest Fire Damage Repair & Reconstruction

Once the fire damage has been cleaned up and the area has been sanitized, we will begin the task of rebuilding your property. This phase encompasses a detailed assessment to identify the extent of structural repairs needed, securing necessary permits to comply with local building codes, and executing structural repairs to ensure the foundation and integrity of the building are sound. It includes the reconstruction of damaged areas, such as roofing, exteriors, and interiors, involving tasks like drywall installation, painting, and flooring replacement. Throughout this process, we aim not only to restore your property to its pre-fire condition. When we’re done with the rebuild we will even help you with your insurance claim, with the end goal being to make the restoration process as hassle free as possible.